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Office of the Schools Division Superintendent


Office of the SDS – Proper
  • To ensure access to, promote equity in, and continuously improve the quality of basic education in the school’s divisions under his/her care by leading in the development and implementation of the division’s education development plans (DEDP), programs, and standards (consistent with the national educational policies, plans and standards), building partnerships and networking with stakeholders of education, as well as by effectively and efficiently managing the financial, human, and physical resources of the schools division.
Legal Services
  • Provide legal advice and render legal opinions to the SDS, ASDS, officials of the school’s division in relation to the performance of their functions;
  • Interpret laws and rules affecting the operation of various programs of the school’s division;
  • Handles legal and investigation matters concerning the school’s division office and its employees, including those delegated by the Regional Office;
Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Services
  • Manage and maintain the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Systems and Infrastructure of the school’s division to effectively support operations;
  • Manage and implement ICT programs and projects in the school’s division to ensure data validity and effective utilization of the systems;
Administrative Services

Administrative Services shall be composed of the following : Cash, Personnel, Records, Asset Management, and General Services

  • To provide management with economical, efficient and effective administrative services on personnel, properties, cash, facilities and materials to support operations of the school’s division
Finance Services
  • To provide SDO management with economical, efficient, and effective accounting and budgeting services to ensure the cost-effective utilization of financial resources of the school’s division.