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Message of the Schools Division Superintendent

The passion to serve… this has always been my driving force as I perform my duties as a public servant. Thus, when I assumed as the Officer-in-Charge of the Office of the Schools Division Superintendent last June 2, 2017 in San Carlos City (Pangasinan), my heart was filled with gladness and excitement because I knew then that it will usher me to greater opportunities to happily serve others.

Being the head of one City Division, truly I am endowed with power. The power to influence others to make great moves and progressing changes for our beloved Division. The power that I could equate with strength that can empower others to stand on their own amidst the challenges and obstacles.

I know by heart that with such power that is bestowed in me emanates great responsibility. Hence, with utmost commitment, I am making this manifesto that I will do my best to be the greatest blessing to San Carlos City Division. With confidence I can do it! Because what radiates in me is my desire to serve with love and compassion.

I want to build legacies in the minds and hearts of San Carlenians. For this reason, I am spearheading various programs, strategies, and advocacies which are the reflections of my burning desire to effect great changes to San Carlos City Division. Changes that will contribute to the better delivery of the services of the prime institution of our beloved city- the Division of City Schools. Henceforth, as I traverse my leadership path and effect these great changes, may I appeal to all the stakeholders to be with me and unfold together the power of our synergy… for our beloved Division… for our beloved City… and most of all for our San Carlenean learners.