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SDO SCC receives CSC recognition

Under the leadership of Director Flordeliza C. Bugtong, the Civil Service Commission Field Office, Western Pangasinan cited the Human Resource Management Office of SDO SCC for its performance in the issuance appointments.  The Certificate of Recognition expressed the agency’s appreciation of the  SDO’s HRM Office’s  “diligence and commitment in taking responsibilities and in compliance with all the requirements of Civil Service Law on Appointment Processing which redounded to the facilitative attestation of issued appointments.”

This recognition was awarded during the field office celebration of the 122nd Philippine Civil Service Anniversary anchored with the theme “Transforming Public Service in the Next Decade: Honing Agile and Future-Ready Servant-Heroes” held on September 8, 2022 at Bolinao, Pangasinan

The SDO Personnel Section is headed by Alodia Castro, Administrative Officer IV and her staff is composed of Nereson Gutierrez, Annalyn Castro, Vangielyn Paronable, Emma Torres, and Bernard Resngit. Congratulated on her HRM team’s performance, Mrs. Castro remarked they are merely doing their job.  But she mentioned as well the passion that is poured into their work.  To us who are at the receiving end of their HRM services, that has made all the difference.  And the CSC, no less, has taken notice of it. Padayon, Personnel Section!