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Teacher Extraordinaire

Small but amazingly incredible.  That is the description that aptly fits this Science teacher.

What she lacks in height, she compensates with her brains.  Her brilliant ideas make other people wonder how she ever came up with such notions.  Her decisiveness makes them regard her highly even more.

There was never a dull moment with this woman because she can easily crack jokes that tickle anyone’s funny bone.  With her around, the atmosphere is never boring.  You can easily ride on with the antics that she usually plays with anyone.  At first instance, you will say that she is as playful as a child but that is what makes her a darling to the crowd.

She was born on July 14, 1962 and ranked third among the six children of Mr. Antonio Ico who was a jeepney driver and Mrs. Marina Pagsolingan Ico who was an elementary public school teacher.  She is a product of the public school system as she graduated from Central I Elementary School and SEPNAS, both located in San Carlos City, for her elementary and secondary level respectively.

Having manifested at an early age a keen interest and intelligence mathematical subjects, she was sent to Saint Louis University to take up Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering then let her obtain units in Education at San Carlos College.  Her passion for excellence and educational pursuit enabled her to obtain the degree Master of Arts in Education major in Chemistry at the Dela Salle University in Manila after having been a DepEd – NEAP scholar.

Contrary to most of her contemporaries who are technophobic, she can be considered as a computer wizard because she is not afraid to tinkle with the computer.  Most of the computer skills that she possesses are self-learned.

One might wonder why after taking up BS Chemical Engineering she ended up being a teacher not as a chemist in a chemical laboratory and the like.  It is because of her passion to effect a desirable change in the lives of the students.  As a teacher, she actively advocates the realization of the value of education as the pass to a brighter future.  To see her students transform, that even those with deviant behaviors still have the chance to reform and straighten out their lives, is what she loves about teaching.

In her almost three decades as a public school teacher, she has a lot of experiences that molded her to become a better catalyst of change for our learners.    On the lives of her students, she has brought the special experience of being shown sincere care and concern.  She patiently conducts home visitation and acts like a shepherd who seeks her sheep that went astray to rejoin the herd.   She even gives financial assistance to her students who are in dire need of such help.

Her sense of civic-mindedness is evident in her full and unwavering support to any program or project that has something to do with the school and community.  For the country in general, the experience that she has brought is the decrease in the number of school drop-outs who will possibly become a burden to the society once they cannot finish their studies and cannot find a decent job.  To the teaching profession, she has brought the special experience of not giving up on the hope for a better educational system and being loyal to the agency where she is in – DepEd in general and SEPNAS in particular.  Stretches of greener pastures of being an administrator are tempting but she clings to her passion of being a teacher.

No one compares to Ma’am Carmelita Ico Magleo.  She may lack in height but she is an extraordinary teacher with a heart.